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INFO:™ is proud to announce a new innovation in the industry that will help change recycling forever. Low Cost Shredders for everyone who has a need for processing waste materials..Shredders for under $45,000.00..

GLOBAL CG GROUP has taken the standard designs, which they originally patented in 1973 for slow speed shear shredders, and modified the concept by dramatically reducing the Hp of these shredders to make them more affordable.

Old Style Shear Shredders used 100 Hp to 150 Hp, our new shredder technology uses only 10 Hp to accomplish the same task.

These NEW and Patented Shredding Machines offer production rates that are similar to full powered machines.

In addition to this Reduced Power Innovation we have lowered the Manufactured Cost of these shredders by 2/3rd using a standard design and worldwide sources of components and parts.™ has utilized Domestic and International sources since 1973, with the use of the Japanese KYB Drive Motor, and in 1980 with the use of the Swedish Hagglund Drive Motor, in 1986 with the use of the Brevini Drive Motor and now in 2003 with the Kingsley Planetary Type Drive Gear Motor.

Enclosed are the Standard Specifications for the Bao-Global Shredder Model 34-34 Unit ( formerly the Model 32-32 Unit), 10 HP, Mild Steel, Dual Drive, Slow Speed Shear Type Shredder.

This shredder is based on the basic, but proven designs of the Saturn Shredder and the SSI Shredder, and incorporates designs of the Shred Tech, Shred Pax, Mitts and Merrill, Carthage and MRS units. The Patented Feature that is unique is that we are performing the same task of this New Design using only 10 HP rather than the standard 80Hp to 150Hp.

In addition we are using Asian Manufacturing which in the Decades ahead is the only way we are to contain costs on high end items such as Shredders.

With this in mind here are the specifications and approximate dimensions for review on the Model 34-34, 10 Hp Shredder...

1. Overall Length of Unit - 140" Long
2. Overall Width of Unit - 44" Wide
3. Overall Height of Unit with Stand and Hopper - 96" Tall
4. Overall Stand Height - 42"
5. Overall Hopper Height - 30"
6. Overall Shredder Sidewall Height 24"
7. Overall Infeed Opening - 34" Long by 34" Wide
8. Overall Center Shaft Distance Between Shafts - 13"
9. Overall Cutter Diameter - Single Hook - 16.4"
10. Overall Cutter Diameter - Double Hook - 19"
11. Overall Cutter Width - 2.5" Wide
12. Overall Spacer Diameter - 7.3"
13. Shaft Diameter - 6.14" Round Area Edge of Hex
14. Shaft Diameter - 5.5" Flat to Flat on Hex
15. Shaft Length - 58"
16. Cleaning Finger Thickness - 2"
17. Gearbox Wall Thickness - 2"
18. Drive Motor Gearbox Diameter - Two Model 106 Units - 25.5"
19. Drive Motor Gearbox Weight ( each ) - 1,392 pounds each
20. RPM of Cutter Shafts - 4 RPM
21. Drive Motor - Two at 1450 RPM, 5 HP( 4.0KW European Data, 3 Phase Power 460 Volt US Power. Other Voltage and Phase Motors are available for needs upon request, additional costs may apply.
22. Electrical Control Panel - Waterproof with Emergency Stop, Start and Stop Pushbuttons for Electric Motor Start, and Shredder On and Off. Keyed Switch for On and Off Protection during off hours. Circuit provided with with Auto Reverse Safety Feature, with reversal time control relays and auto shutdown sequencing, when preset reversal levels are encountered due to unshreddable conditions.
23. Motor Starter Panel - Reversing Motor Starters in Panels with Circuit Breaker Protection.
24. Infeed Hopper Opening - Tire Top Load Design
25. Shipping Weight - 10,000.00 to 11,000.00 pounds
26. Bearings - Eight ( Four Pairs ) of 5"Diameter Shaft Spherical Roller Bearings in Machined Steel Housing with Shaft Seals
27. Splash Plate Bearing Protection in Cutting Chamber
28. Design Can Accommodate up to 52" to 62" in length for special needs.
29. Design is Similar to Saturn 5232, SSI 1600E and Shred Tech ST100 but heavier duty in design and capable of Hp ranges depending on speed of Gearbox Selection from 5 Hp to 75 Hp on each shaft. RPM Range of Design from 3 RPM to 40 RPM depending on Hp Selection and Gearbox Selection.
30. Shredder Head and Gearbox Design allows for Adapter Ring Mounting on Shredder for easy change to different size gearboxes.
31. Alloy Steel 4140 Cutters, Spacers, Cleaning Fingers and Shafts. All Heat Treated for Optimum Strength and Wear.
32. Shredder Head Designed in two L Shape Halves for easy assembly and maintenance of Shredder Head. The two L Shape Halves form the Square Shredder Head. Each L Shape Halves of the Shredder Head allow for full access to their Cutters, Spacers, Shafts, Bearings, Couplings and Drive Motor Assemblies.
33. Noise Rated Level - Electric Motor Noise Only which is under 80DBA, Shredding of tires is only a light crunching noise.
34. Manual Provided for Operation, Service and Maintenance of Unit

Price of New Model 34 ( FORMERLY Model 32 ) unit with 10 HP ( two 5 Hp Drive Motors ) FOB Asian Plant.....$45,000.00 USD, CIF US Port, add $3,500.00 to price for Delivery to Interior US Destination. Final Customs Fees are billed direct by the Customs Brokerage Group, who will be handling your order.



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